When Tall Girls Find the Large Size Shoes of Their Dreams

When Tall Girls Find the Large Size Shoes of Their Dreams

That moment when you find the right store that holds shoes in your size that are stylish and unique is a moment that we have all gotten carried away with buying all the styles we thought we could only have in our dreams. As a tall girl, you understand that your shopping experience can be a little bit more complicated. You go into a store, see a pair of adorable shoes, and then realize they don’t carry your size. But you don’t let that stop you from continuing to look around the store. So, you find another pair, and then another pair, but still no luck in finding your size. Then you find a place after searching and searching to find a store that carries tall girl sizes.


Walking into a store as a tall girl can be a real drag. While it’s never an issue to find a style that sparks your interest when it comes to size, you can often find yourself at a standstill. The search for the stores that carry the right sizes can be a long one. And sometimes, once you do find a place, you get a little excited. You end up spending most of your day at Nordstrom Rack spending too much and rushing home with your bag of goodies.


We’ve all been there when we finally find a store that carries all the cute shoes that we want in our exact size. We tend to go a little too far in our shopping spree. But who could blame us? It’s taken such a long time to find the right place that has all the shoes you could ever dream of; what if this is the only chance you’ll get to see these shoes. While it can be easier to find the right size and style online, the experience of going into a store and taking your time to try out each shoe is a dream. But it can be stressful sometimes, even online, to research the right sites that will carry large-sized shoes that are still fashionable.


From one tall girl fashionista to another, pacing yourself once you do find the place that sells fashionable and chic shoes in your size is a hard job. For one thing, it’s much more complicated to figure out what shoes you want and what shoes you need. Buying ten shoes just because they’re cute and in your size might feel good at the moment. But are you going to wear those 5-inch platform boots?


Sometimes, the best thing to do is slowly build up shoes that work great with fitting into current trends and in your tall girl size. This way, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of which shoes work with your style. We tall girls still deserve to be able to go into a store and find stylish shoes in our size. It’s just important to take your time building your collection, so you don’t end up in a situation with 20 pairs of shoes you’ve never worn.